Client CRM

What is it for?

Stores information about your customers and leads. You can add customers manually, but an automatic entry is created when:

  1. A new online booking is created
  2. A new online opportunity is created
  3. A new client is manually added to a booking
  4. A new client is manually added to an opportunity

To create a new client go to
CRM > Clients

Client groups will allow you to offer discounts for a list of customers. You can create as many as you want.

In the accounting tab you will be able to store the necessary information to make invoices and payments. This way you can enter customer information as a natural person, or as a company if requested.
The Documents tab is a private "Dropbox" for you to upload customer files such as the navigation license or a third party contract.

From any instance of the system where you need to associate a customer (Bookings, Opportunities, Proposals, etc) we have a predictive text search engine. For example, start typing the email or name and we will show you the options:


Basic information on privacy:
The person responsible for the treatment is THE BLUE GUEST SL. The purpose is the management of our diffusion list and the sending of commercial communications. The legal basis is your consent. 

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