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27 July 2023


🚀 Matomo Tag Manager integration

All our customer websites are now integrated with Matomo Tag Manager, a tool similar to Google Tag Manager that allows you to manage and unify the tag and user action tracking in your public website. Matomo is a powerful web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership and which we recommend to all our customers.

13 July 2023


🚀 Office 365 integration

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 so that email accounts of domains hosted there can be used to manage reservations from within our backoffice.

🚀 Email management

We have improved the integrated email manager so that messages are now loaded much more quickly, and we have also added an outbox folder (for emails that could not be sent) and the option to manually assign emails without a booking locator to a reservation of your choice.

16 June 2023


🚀 Sailing Club App

We have finalised a first version of our sailing club mobile app prototype, which is now available to all our customers, e.g. Palma Jet Ski, Helmsmen Club, and We Boat. Users can now book a boat and manage their reservations, and it is integrated with Boat Track to pay fuel expenses through the app.

🚀 Faster booking process

New express reservation process of activities for sales agents, much faster and agile than the previous one and especifically design for this type of user.

3 May 2023


🚀 Improved check-in and check-out

Per-customer configurable check-in and check-out forms to be sent to the user for faster operation of such tasks. This can help speed up the onboarding process very much, as all the required information will already be in the system.

27 April 2023


🚀 Payment platforms

Integration of our booking engine and customer's area with payment platforms Mollie and Moneta.

🚀 Third party integrations

We have finalised integrations with Validated Id, that allows electronic signing of contracts, with WhatsApp to be able to chat with customers, providers and agencies from within our backoffice, and with Reviso, an invoicing and accounting software.

11 April 2023


🚀 New AndroNautic app for mobile devices

This first version includes tools aimed at skippers to help them manage reservations.

23 February 2023


🚀 Integration with Redsys

Improvements in our existing integration with Redsys to support pre-authorisation and refunding operations.

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