Keep your company's online and offline control of tour activities

Keep your company's online and offline control of tour activities

We know your industry and we help you to sell on your own, through online and local agencies, your boat trips, jet skis, or any other activity.

The solution that adapts to everything from boat tours to jet skis, kayaks, bicycles and much more. Simplify your operations and empower your business to deliver unforgettable experiences to your customers - join the tourism revolution!



Reduce commissions by selling direct and collecting at your bank


Our solutions for your website are designed and continuously improved so that more visitors pay for your services without added costs in the purchase process. We will integrate your bank's payment gateway so you receive the money immediately.

If you already have your website, insert our AndroNautic Plugins booking engine.  If you don't have it, we offer you a site adapted to your business, fast and economic.

Main features

Direct collection to your Bank

Integrations with multiple payment gateways (Redsys, Bizum, Stripe, PayPal, Paycomet, etc.), with no additional charge from us to you or your customers.

Creative Freedom

Keep your service catalogue updated independently, without the need for a developer.

Upload and edit your services

Manage availability, prices and keep your customers informed direclty from the system.

SEO tools

Rank your activities on all search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, TripAdvisor, etc.)

Statistics and analytics

Get data from your website with information about your potential customers, for you or for your marketing agency.

Channel manager to improve your reach without overbooking


Efficiently manage your bookings with our Channel Manager, designed for online and offline agencies. Completely eliminate the risk of overbooking, saving valuable work hours and inconvenience. Leading online booking platforms, such as Get Your Guide, and establishments in your area, will be able to book directly into your calendar up to the maximum capacity of your available seats.



Main features

Get Your Guide












Automate the sales of your sales reps and points of sale

AndroNautic provides you with powerful tools to optimize your sales force and bring convenience to your sales reps and mobile points of sale in offices and kiosks, so they can sell simultaneously without worries.



Main features

QR vouchers

Generate digital or physical vouchers with portable thermal printers and use them as sales receipts.

Payments and cash count

Link every payment to the rep or agency automatically, keep the books at check with no effort

Commisions control

Access for sales reps to a personalised dashboard with a summary of their sales and commissions.

Fast booking

Reduce steps on the point of sale if you're selling tickets right before the activity departure.

Streamline sales for your local agencies



AndroNautic goes beyond facilitating collaboration with your local partners, such as hotels, beach agencies and others. With our magic links they can access your services and make reservations without the need for a username and password, autonomously and without the need to call you.


Main features

Magic Links

Create magic links to access your catalogue for each of your agencies and partners, who will be able to sell without needing a username and password.

Microsite for Agencies

Offer a customised microsite within your website as an access for agencies, so they can sell with their own branding to their clients.

Sales and commission agreements

Configure the sales agreements with agencies, which products you want them to show, and which payment methods (credit, prepaid...) and commissions you offer.

AndroNautic Community

Offer your services to other companies or agencies that already trust us, becoming part of the AndroNautic Community.



Streamlined work for your salespeople and your team on the ground


Your sales force will be able to sell and generate bonuses in seconds from their mobile. From our mobile app they will be able to prepare each departure with its extras, sign documents, and do check-ins and check-outs if necessary. Eliminate waiting and make the customer feel comfortable.

Main features

Collaborative calendar

Our unique calendar allows your team to stay organised and coordinated.

Rule out Overbooking

We guarantee that no more reservations are sold than you have available.

Agencies CRM

Manage your agency relationships effectively. Set up and record how you work with your partners.

Check-in App

Simplify the check-in process with our app regardless of the sales channel. Use our QR reader or check them in with agency vouchers through a simple photo.

Resolves administrative issues with agencies and tour operators


We have incorporated into the system the way of working with each partner so that you can invoice multiple bookings to a single invoice, digitize paper vouchers from operators and other solutions. Mass activity companies in AndroNautic have reduced administrative management time by up to 88%!

Main features

Automatic Invoices

Easily generate invoices for customers and agencies, even for multiple bookings. Save time and resources with a streamlined invoicing process.

Invoice and payments reports

Invoice dashboard, plus downloadable CSV files. Share your invoices in PDF through zip files too.

Accounting  software

Integrate your management system with multiple accounting software for even more efficient administration.

Your services


Total Customization for your Nautical Experiences


At the heart of AndroNautic, our service configuration module invites you to create and customize tourist activities simply and accurately. Whether you are offering swallow boat rides, thrilling jet ski tours, relaxing kayak rides or other exciting adventures, this module is here to adapt to your individual needs, giving you the ability to stand out and connect with your customers in a unique way.


Main features

Limitless customization

Design the activities by modelling their content, photos or videos, locations and requirements as well as seasons, rates, schedules and options for the customer.

Business Rules

Model your sales by creating discount codes, promoted services, personalised commissions for your sales reps or agencies and much more.

Resources control

Avoid overbookings by having more than one activity requiring the same resource (i.e. a boat or a jet ski).

Tailor-made Extras

Personalise your extras and customise them in the most attractive way, for the booking process, the customer area or the opportunities area.

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"AndroNautic has been key on going from 3 to the current 34 boats"


Be charter is one of the largest fleets in Spain, with bases in Cambrils, Barcelona, L'Estartit and Mallorca. Their digitalization process began with AndroNautic with a custom-made website. Over the years they have contributed to define improvements to the system such as access and settlements of shipowners and integrations with GDS systems.


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