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It allows to show a list of boats for rent, for sale or promoted, witht he filters you want activated

¿Qué es Andromeda Boat List?

Es un recurso de tipo Plugin que permite mostrar barcos en alquiler, en venta o promocionados. Es necesario que previamente se hayan agregado los barcos en el Backoffice.

Structure in Django CMS

You can add the resource Andromeda Boat List  as many times as you want in one page. For instance, create a list of sail yachts and a list of motor yachts below the first one.

Add / Modify a resource.

To add it:


Opciones de Andromeda Boat List

Visual Options
Full width

The boat cards displayed occupy the entire width of the page..

Centered grid

Centers the boat cards.

Show filters

Adds a sidebar that allows filtering boats by the number of cabins, length, type, number of people on board, etc.

Show order by

Adds a dropdown list that allows ascending or descending sorting of displayed boats by price, number of people, length, etc.

Show filter reset button

Adds a button that allows resetting the selected filters..

Show map

Adds a button that displays a map with the exact location of the displayed boats.

Show pagination

Adds number-shaped buttons that allow navigating between different lists of boats.

Items to show

Configures the number of boats to be displayed per page. If the field is empty, all boats are shown.

General Configuration
For hire

Only shows boats for rent. Cannot be combined with the For sale option.

For sale

Only shows boats for sale. Cannot be combined with the For hire option.


Only shows promoted boats from the back office

Show boats available today

Only shows boats available on the day.

Default order

Sorts boats in ascending or descending order based on price, number of people, length, etc.

Zones and Boat Type Configuration

Allows selecting from which country , cities or marinas boats will be displayed. If left blank, boats from all zones will be shown.

Boat types

llows selecting which type of boat will be shown. If left blank, all types will be shown.

Boats Configuration

Allows selecting individual boats to display. It also allows manually sorting the boats. Watch the video at the end of the page for more information.

Search parameters

Allows configuring the display of boats from a search result. If you filter boats using zone, length, type, etc., you can copy the URL and paste it into this field, showing only the resulting boats from that search.

rom the previous image, some parameters are filter_zones, filter_capacity, filter_cabins_range, filter_boat_length_range, order_by. To modify a parameter, you can do the following: filter_capacity=5. This means that, in addition to the existing parameters, only boats with a capacity for 5 or more people will be shown.



Link button
Advanced settings > Attributes

Manually sort my boats

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