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Introduction to django CMS

"A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that allows you to create, manage and publish a website on the Internet without the need for programming skills. These applications have an administration panel (interface) that allows you to create, edit or publish web content. To facilitate the creation and management of web pages, content managers usually have plugins, extensions or add-ons that allow you to add or modify functionalities of your site." - Source: LucusHost

At Andronautic we have opted for django CMS because of its versatility, as it has the editing and management features of a CMS such as Wordpress and can coexist with other applications that need to publish structured information.

We provide you with a series of articles that can help you improve your knowledge of django CMS:

Python y Django CMS, los aliados perfectos para creartu web.
Django vs WordPress – ¿Cuál es mejor para tu sitio web?
Django CMS vs. Wordpress (artículo en inglés)
django CMS vs WordPress 
 (artículo en inglés)


If you already have an Andronautic website, in the following article we show you how to get around the django CMS environment.

Familiarízate con django CMS, la tecnología que hay detrás de AndroNautic Website

Aprende cómo moverte, modificar contenidos, crear nuevas páginas, copiar y pegar secciones y añadir idiomas.

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Fuente: django-cms.org/en/

In case you already know how to move in edit mode of your website, in the following article you will find the basic settings for the setup of your website.

Primeras ediciones en tu página web Andronautic

Añade tu logotipo, cambia los colores, edita el header y footer, formularios, mensajes de confirmación...

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