GDS Integrations

Marketplaces for brick-and-mortar and online agencies for upscaling your global reach

Global Distribution Systems or GDS are historical services in yachting. With the advent of the internet, they were the alternative to the boat show, the only place where agencies and fleets could connect to update boats, agree commissions, etc.
Their developments are still very much geared towards weekly charter and if you do day charters they may not be able to model your offer.
They are great complimentary services to fill up your calendar after your direct bookings.


Today they are still a good channel to reach customers who do not search online or who have developed a trusted relationship with an agency. Complement your reach by adding them to your website and local agencies. Also, if you want to work with more than one, don't make it cost you twice as much work!


Our integrations work both for fleets and agencies

If you are a fleet, reach the agencies on the system and get live bookings into your calendar.
If you are an agency, showcase the boats of fleets in one, two or every system on your website and client proposals.

MMK Booking manager

Currently the system with the largest number of agencies. Croatian company founded in 2002. The integration will allow the agencies in the system to check your availability in real time, and to block your calendar when a booking is confirmed.


The fastest growing system in recent years. Founded in 2009 in Croatia. We have special prices if you want to hire the services of Nausys being already a customer of AndroNautic.


The first GDS on the market. In recent years it has lost market share

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

We will take care of this for you. For this we will need your system account credentials. AndroNautic does not have any kind of commercial agreement with any of the systems listed above and you will have to register with them first to set up the synchronisation. It is important to notice this is an established relationship in between us and the companies behind the systems and communication between us and them will be held regarding your account.
The GDS service is very much geared towards sailboat or weekly charter companies. If you sell this service format but want the freedom to add day charter, experience sales, cabins or other formats, AndroNautic + GDS is a great option.
Además, el mejor complemento se da para flotas de muchos barcos y canales de venta, pues la gestión multicanales puede derivar en trabajo ineficiente y overbooking. AndroNautic resuelve esto y promueve siempre la creación de un listado de clientes propios y aumentar las ventas directas.
It dependes on the service you've hired wrom them. If your account is as a provider, you will only be able to access agencies to increase your reach. We also have an integration for our agency plan where you can fill your AndroNautic catalogue with thousands of boats from one or more GDS. If you are interested in this option schedule a demo and we will explain it to you.

Work a single calendar synchronised with all your sales channels

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